Libraries and Templates

The best way to create a diagram is using libraries and templates that include all of the shapes, styles and settings you need to assemble a particular type of drawing or diagram. Edraw Max has more than 200 libraries and Templates and 6000 shapes. So it's easy to create a wide variety of business diagrams and presentations.

Basic Diagram

Block Diagram

Business Process

Audit Diagram    Basic Flowchart     Brainstorming Diagram

Cause and Effect (Fishbone)     Circular Diagram     Charts and Graphs

Data Flow Diagram     Event-Driven Process Chain     Fault Tree Analysis

List Marketing Charts and Diagrams     Organizational Chart     Process

Total Quality Management diagram     Classical Workflow     Work Flow Diagram

Value Stream Mapping    Arrows Diagram    Business Matrix    Process Steps

Business Form

Business Card    Fax Cover Sheet    Flyer Design    Invoice    Sales Form


Bar Chart    Column Chart    Pie Chart    Doughnut Chart    Line Chart    Spider Chart    Scatter Chart    Area Chart    Scatter Plot    Bubble Plot    Comparison Chart


Chen ERD    Database Model Diagram    Express-G    Martin ERD    ORM Diagram


Basic Electrical Diagram    Circuits and Logic Diagram    Industrial Control Systems

Systems Diagram    Process Flow Diagram (PFD)    Process and Instrumentation Drawing (PID)

Floor Plans

Floor Plan     Home Plan     Office Layout     Electrical and Telecom Plan


Basic Flowchart     Business Process Modeling Notation     Swimlane Flowchart

Cross Functional Flowchart     Data Flow Diagram IDEF0     Highlight Flowchart Process

Work Flow Diagram    SDL Diagram


Directional Map     3D Directional Map     Geo Map

Mind Map

Mind Mapping Diagram     Bubble Diagram    Concept Map


3D Network Diagram     Basic Network Diagram     Detail Network Diagram

Logical Network Diagram    Cisco Network Diagram    Cisco Products

LDAP Active Directory     Network Location Diagram     Cisco Color Icons

Cisco Corporate Icons     Cisco Documentation Icons     Cisco Marketing Icons

Organizational Chart

Basic Organizational Chart     Photo Organizational Chart     Family Tree     Custom Organizational Chart

Project Management

PERT Chart     Timeline     Matrix Diagram     Gantt Chart    Calendar    WBS Diagram    Relations Diagram    Tree Diagram    Affinity Diagram    Project Status


UML Model Diagram     Win 7 UI Design     Booch OOD

COM and OLE     Data Flow Model Diagram     Enterprise Application

Jacobson Use Case     Jackson Software Diagram     Program Flowchart

Program Structure Diagram     NS Diagram     Room Diagram

Shlaer-Mellor OOA     SSADM Diagram     Yourdon and Coad Diagram


Mechanics Diagram     Optics Diagram     Chemistry Equation Diagram

Laboratory Equipment Diagram     Molecular Model Diagram     Mathematics Illustration

Web Diagram

Conceptual Web Site     Web Site Map

Clip Art

Animals     Business     Business Scene     Finance     Food Flags

Gift     Office     People     Religion     Professions

School     Technology     Vehicles     Weather

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Templates

Note: The * tagged library hasn't been included in Edraw and will be added in a future version.

Business Cards

Edraw has a free feature-rich professional quality business card library, which helps you create amazing cards in a matter of minutes. You can then print them immediately - on your own printer. Whether do you want to see what your business card will look like? Download some samples of business cards designed using the card creator.

Free business card templates

Create Your Own Templates

How to use the Templates

Create Your Own Templates

More Templates

Flowchart Templates

Organizational Chart Templates

Network Diagram Templates

Cisco Network Diagram Templates

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